Our independence helps clients avoid getting caught-up in the latest fad. Our ability to think and act independently and our willingness to stand apart from the crowd are keys to our clients’ investment results.


  • Our stock and bond selection is based on our in-house analysis.

  • Our interests are aligned with those of our clients; we do better only if our clients do better. Clients and FRM are best served by keeping expenses as low as possible in portfolios. We eliminate all additional layers of fees (e.g. mutual funds, ETFs, etc.).

  • We are employee-owned. We share neither affiliation nor ownership with any other financial services firm. Our loyalty is singular to our clients.

  • Management fees paid to us by our clients are our only source of income- we do not sell our research, write newsletters for subscription, or sell any products.

  • We own the same securities our clients own. We always buy or sell only after activity on behalf of clients is completed.

  • The firm adheres to the CFA Institute's Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct program.

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