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Foundation Resource Management Welcomes New Shareholders

For printable version of this press release, please click here.​​​​ For formal announcement with group picture, please click here.​​​​ For announcement as reported by Arkansas Business, please click here. LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas—April 18, 2018—Greg Hartz, founder and co-owner of Foundation Resource Management (FRM), and Mark Millsap, co-owner, are pleased to announce the recent sale of a minority interest in the firm to five key staff members: Abby McKelvy, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Zach Riley, Portfolio Manager and Trader, Chris Fleischmann, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst, John Garmon, Director of Business Development, and Meredith Moll, Portfolio Manager a

2018 First Quarter Commentary

For printable version which includes all graphs and tables, please click here.​​​​ Life and Investing are Often Like the Chinese Bamboo Tree One of the most prolific trees in the Far East is known as the Chinese bamboo tree. This tree is different than almost all other trees in that it does not grow in the standard fashion. Most trees grow in a steady manner over a period of years. The Chinese bamboo tree has no observable signs of growth for the first four years of its life, and then in year five an amazing thing happens – the tree begins to grow at an astounding pace. In fact, in just a five week period, the tree can grow to a height of 90 feet. In many ways, investing often works that way

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