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2019 Fourth Quarter Commentary

For printable version which includes all graphs and tables, click here.​​​​ Playing Make-Believe Part of everyone’s childhood is, or should be, the game of suspending the believable and making of reality what you wish. For many little girls today, that involves imagining themselves as Anna or Elsa, the beautiful animated sisters in the Disney blockbusters, Frozen and Frozen 2. For boys, it is often donning the persona of a famous athlete. For one of us, it was going to a place in his mind where he was a starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals (he had quite the imagination). Today, policymakers and most of the general public seem to make-believe that the accumulation of debt at an

Capital Formation for Retirement (And Beyond)

Link to the full article as it appears in Arkansas Money & Politics Capital Formation for Retirement (And Beyond) The practice of working until you were no longer able began to change roughly 150 years ago. Some of the early pension programs around the world were started in order to “retire” older, less productive workers. In 1875, the American Express Company started the first private pension offering as a way for employers to incent older workers to leave. For the last 150 years or so, the developed world has struggled with how to finance life after work. Everyone wants the magic formula that will assure a financially soun

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