Portfolio Management

Client Relationship

We have approximately 200 clients. Our goal is to provide outstanding personal service to each of them. While we desire to grow, we intend to ensure that our existing client base receives premium service. A large part of our responsibility to our clients is two-way communications with them. We feel that this is very important; therefore, we conduct face-to-face meetings at least annually.


We work very hard to explain our thought processes and areas of focus. Included in our quarterly reporting to our clients is a written commentary describing various factors influencing security prices. In addition to a quarterly commentary, FRM also includes various reports including portfolio appraisals, cash activity details, and various performance reports with comparisons to selected performance benchmarks. A wealth of various other reports is available upon request. Let us know what your specific needs are, and we will work to meet them and hopefully exceed your expectations at the same time.


Equity Investment Strategy

FRM's equity approach centers on the pursuit of intrinsic value. The price we pay for a security is critical in providing an attractive return on our clients’ capital as well as protecting our clients against a permanent loss of capital. This potential for permanent loss of capital is how we define risk. Our approach requires patience and a willingness to think independently from the market. We perform our own research. Our goal is to pay an attractive price for a stock based either on the company’s proven ability to earn or its asset value.

Fixed Income Investment Strategy

FRM's fixed income management is structured to safeguard capital while generating current income. As value investors, we demand that we be well compensated for taking any of the various risks present in fixed income securities. We attempt to leverage our research in the stock market to add value when investing in corporate bonds. Risk premiums are frequently attractive on the companies we study the most, since the bonds will tend to be out of favor in parallel with the stock of the company.


For more information regarding our 25-plus year performance record, please call 501.604.3190 or email info@frmlr.com.

Please Note

FRM does not serve as an attorney, accountant or insurance agent. FRM does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

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