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Our Values

The FRM team is committed to providing outstanding investment management for our clients. The following firm principles guide everything we do.


  • Honesty and integrity are essential in all of our relationships and will never be compromised.


  • We are results-oriented.


  • We are team players. We value loyalty to our clients, to Foundation Resource Management and to our colleagues.


  • We are hard working but not at the expense of our families.


  • We always look for opportunities but emphasize downside protection and look for ways to minimize loss of capital.


  • We are entrepreneurial. We encourage responsible risk taking. We should always strive to improve from our mistakes.


  • We believe in having fun at work.

Additionally, our firm adheres to the CFA Institute's Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct™.  The CFA Institute Asset Manager Code™ outlines the ethical and professional responsibilities of organizations that manage assets on behalf of clients. The principles and provisions address six broad categories: (1) loyalty to clients, (2) investment process and actions, (3) trading, (4) risk management, compliance, and support, (5) performance reporting and valuation, and (6) disclosures. 

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