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Portfolio Management for Institutions and Families

Founded in 1992, Foundation Resource Management is an employee-owned firm in the sole business of managing investment portfolios for clients such as insurance companies, charitable foundations, hospitals, retirement plans and families.  We have a 30-year history of overseeing separately managed portfolios of individual stocks and bonds, chosen using a fundamentals-based value investing discipline. Our decision making is guided by honesty and integrity, and we are honored to serve as fiduciary stewards for our clients' capital.


FRM is employee-owned and our sole source of revenues is directly from our clients who hire us to make their investment decisions


We adhere to a strict value investment philosophy, seeking to deliver long-term performance while protecting against a permanent loss of capital


Our team has a 30-year history of managing portfolios and includes
7 Chartered Financial Analysts and 5 Certified Public Accountants


We use our own bottom-up research and analysis process developed by our mentors and refined over 50+ years to directly invest in individual stocks and bonds

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